Shadow of Death Fighting RPG MOD APK android

Shadow of Death Fighting RPG  MOD APK android

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Category : Action , Games

Developer : Bravestars Games

Version :

Required OS : 5.0 and up

MOD Feature : Unlimited Money

Google Play : PlayStore

Shadow of death fighting rpg mod apk android screenshot

Shadow of death fighting rpg mod apk android screenshot


Shadow of Death is the best combination of RPG and classic fighting game that allows you to equip your Shadow with countless deadly weapons and rare armor sets to become the ultimate hero.

This fighting game is offline game, no worries about internet anymore, now you can enjoy this shadow fighting game whenever you have and wherever you are with full action games experience

– The story began in the City of Light – the land of Aurora, where she was blessed by the Gods. This was the land where King Luther built and ruled his kingdom with a strong hand and a good heart. Soon after, the royal association of the Eyes of the Oracle was founded to preserve and develop ancient knowledge, including magic, alchemy, astrology, medicine, etc. With this knowledge, King Luther created a mighty kingdom as well as one of the most beautiful periods in the history of Aurora.

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– However, the tragedy began with the reign of King Luther XV. It seemed to be a good reason why he wanted to resurrect his beloved sister from the dead. He studied everything he considered useful: magic, medicine, and even alchemy to create a terrible disease that only he could cure. He used it to collect the bodies for his evil purposes.

Everything seemed worse after his lab exploded. Not only many strange creatures, but also incurable diseases began to appear more and more, while King Luther XV disappeared, he left his kingdom in the darkest period of Aurora’s history.

Shadow of Death Fighting RPG MOD Features: Unlimited Money


Shadow of Death Fighting RPG MOD APK Free Download for Android


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